Life groups provide relationships with other Christians.

Relationships are instrumental for spiritual growth.

Being involved in a Life Group connects you with people close to the same stage of life where you are at. Life groups provide a safe environment of people who can encourage, equip, listen and pray for you.

And you can do the same for them!

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Great Prayers of the Bible: Pray for the Lost

Which of the following statistics is most surprising or impactful for you:

  • Visitors make up their minds regarding a new church in the first ten minutes of being on the church property.
  • 82% of guests say that being greeted by someone in the the church community is important to ever returning
  • The most important factor in people returning to churches is relationships.
  • The six most important minutes of a church service, in a visitor’s eyes, are the three minutes before the service and the three minutes after the service, when church members introduce themselves, seeking genuinely to get to know the visitors
  • 85% of first time guest will visit a website before walking through the doors
  • It takes approximately 7 encounters with God for someone to make a  faith decision

When is a time you have seen God answer a prayer? What was the prayer? How did it encourage your faith?

Read Genesis 18:16-33

This passage follows Abraham and Sarah’s encounter with God where God confirms His promises to them. Afterwards, we receive an inside view into God’s inner dialogue. Why do you think God wants to reveal His plans to Abraham (verses 17-19)? Why is judgment coming down on Sodom according to verses 20-21?

Why do you think Abraham choses to plead with God for Sodom? When have you felt burdened by the situation of people who are far away from God? How did you deal with that?

As the bargaining continues, Abraham and God go back and forth about the number of
“righteous people” necessary to hold back God’s judgment upon the cities.  What might this reveal about God’s willingness to be merciful?

Read Matthew 5:43-47

Do you believe “Prayer for the lost leads people to Heaven?” Why as a church is it so important that we are always making conscience ministry decisions based on the impressions and impact of the lost? 

Who are you specifically and regularly praying for by name?

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