Sometimes I forget that God’s kingdom is so big. Surely I’m not the only on that forgets this right? I can get caught in my own schedule, neighborhood, family, town, and especially our church. I forget about all of the ways God is working around the world. He is telling his story of hope in the lives of people and ministries in so many nooks, spaces, and cities all over the place. Some of these people have given up everything to move to the opposite side of the globe, while others are right here in our own backyard. As 2018 comes to a close, I want to highlight a couple different ways God is moving “HERE & THERE.”

    Right HERE, just a few miles down the road, God continues to lead kids and students to spend time at Shelby County Christian Assembly camp every summer. This camp has been making a Jesus impact in NE Missouri for more than 50 years. This past summer was a record-breaking year with more than 600 kids and students attending! Over the summer 14 people decided to give their lives to Jesus in baptism and more than $4700 was given toward missions! WOW, all that just a few miles away! Due to the increase in those attending camp, as well as health and safety of everyone, the camp has embarked on remodeling the dorms. The biggest aspect of the remodel in air conditioning! This is a huge need for the camp moving forward. The camp has invested much of its own revenue to begin this project. By this summer the dorms will be remodeled and insulted but no air conditioning. This is where we would like to step in. The additional amount needed to install the air conditioning is $18,000. This would complete the project for camp THIS YEAR! Would you consider playing a part in something God is growing right HERE? 

    God is also opening up new doors around the world. James Hla, who calls Crossroads home, is back working in Thailand. James started his ministry 25 years ago to reach the Thai and Burmese(Myanmar) people with the truth of Jesus. He regularly battles through the hopeless religions of Buddhism and Animism. James has led more than 1200 people to Jesus and started more than 10 churches. He has trained ministers and volunteers to lead those churches so he can begin others. Recently James communicated the need to build a new church building in Thailand. He has started a church there and they are needing their own home. The cost to build this church in Thailand is $10,000. This would complete the building for this church! Would you consider playing a part in something God is doing over THERE?

    We believe in the ministry of these missions both here and there. As they lead people to Jesus we celebrate with each of them! We know these prices may have some sticker shock. That is why the church works together. We all contribute in a way each of us can and allow God to do the rest. On December 30th, we will meet for one family service to celebrate the faithfulness of God. As part of that service, we will take a  special end of the year “HERE & THERE” offering. The money collected will go directly to  SCCA camp and James Hla’s ministries. If you prefer to give online you can go here. Make sure you choose the “HERE & THERE” tab so your gift goes to the right place. Thank you for your willingness to play an important role in what God is doing to grow his Kingdom. Thank you for loving Jesus both HERE & THERE!

Matt Stieger- Lead Minister