LifeGroups provide relationships with other Christians. 
Relationships are instrumental for spiritual growth. 
Being involved in a LifeGroup connects you with people close to the same stage of life where you are at. LifeGroups provide a safe environment of people who can encourage, equip, listen and pray for you. 

And you can do the same for them!

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LifeGroup Questions
Stories: Your Story Is Not Over . . .
September 24, 2017
What is one goal that you would still like to accomplish? 

Why is this goal is important to you?

What do​ you think ​is ​needed for you to accomplish this goal? What is currently keeping you from accomplishing this goal?

Read Matthew 28:19-20

Jesus has lead, taught
,​ challenged, ​died and rose for his disciples. He is now leaving the earth. With his final words Jesus gives a parting challenge to his disciples. These words will forever shape their story moving forward. The disciples are told their story is far from over.

Did Jesus give all believers a suggestion to go and make disciples or a command? What’s the difference and how does this apply to you as a follower of Jesus?

Many times we pick and chose which parts of Jesus command to follow. Kind of like a salad bar. 

​Do you catch yourself doing this? ​

Which part of Jesus command are easiest for you to pick?

As we look at Jesus words in Matthew 28 there are three movements​ for our story to ​continue.

1. Willingness to Go
2. Commitment to Disciple​ ​
3. Focus to Obey

​Which of these movements do you feel you are the best and worst at and why?​

Jesus commands all believers to go and make disciples. The word “go” can be translated “as you go”. For you, in your life, where are you going? If you are not, what is holding you back?

As we wrap up this study, what is one specific part of your story that you are praying or need to begin to pray that God will work in?