Crossroads Life Groups are a vital aspect of who we are as a church. We believe that some of the best conversations about our relationship with Jesus can happen while sitting on a couch enjoying friendships. If you can not find a group or are not sure where to jump in, we would love to help you! All of our LifeGroups follow a sermon based discussion. Questions and follow up study are provided for everyone based off of the topic of Sunday morning. If you miss Sunday, don’t worry about it, the questions will not leave you feeling left out. You can find weekly questions on our website, church app or on the bulletin at church.
Jesus, Why?: Why do you love me?

Does Pineapple belong on Pizza? Why or why not?


So, if you answered the previous question correctly, you said “Pineapple does not belong on Pizza”. Pineapple and Pizza should be separated. Mankind and God were separated in many ways until Jesus showed up on the scene. That all changed in the following passage. Read Luke 23:44-46.


There was a thick curtain in the temple (The place of worship for the Jews) kept people out of the Holy of Holies (The place where God’s presence dwelt). Luke says this curtain was torn in two just as Jesus breathed his last breath. What do you think the splitting of this curtain represents? 


How do you think you would’ve felt if you were present when Jesus said his final words and breathed his last breath?


Before Jesus died, there were seemingly two types of people in the crowd: Mockers and Mourners. Which type of person do you think you would’ve been? If you alive during Jesus’ lifetime, do you think you would’ve become one of his followers?


What do you think Jesus was thinking and feeling as he hung on the cross?


Why would Jesus, who is the all-powerful God of the universe, willingly endure mockery and torture? Why not just destroy anyone who insulted or harmed him?


Do you think you see yourself the same way Jesus sees you? Why or why not?