LifeGroups provide relationships with other Christians. 
Relationships are instrumental for spiritual growth. 
Being involved in a LifeGroup connects you with people close to the same stage of life where you are at. LifeGroups provide a safe environment of people who can encourage, equip, listen and pray for you. 
And you can do the same for them!



We Are… #Forgiven

In what ways does forgiveness heal us?
How does forgiveness unite the church? What is significant about this?
Why do you think it was so important that the church participate in communion?
Honestly, do you tend to approach communion with reverence or apathy? Why is that?
In what way does our approach or attitude about communion reflect how serious we take our sin?
Do you struggle with just going through the ritual motions of communion with little to no self-examination?

Read  1 Corinthians 11: 27-33

What does it mean to take communion in an “unworthy manner”?
When one of us does this, how does it effect the church as a whole?


Have you ever taken communion in celebration of your forgiveness while holding a grudge or anger toward someone else? What does this say about our understanding of forgiveness?
Are you willing to pass on taking communion in order to repent or forgive your neighbor?
How does celebrating forgiveness together each week make the church stronger?