Looking for more information about Revelation? Want to dig deeper from a trusted source?
Shane Wood is a trusted professor from Ozark Christian College. He completed his Ph.D. and published his dissertation all based on understanding the Book of Revelation. His expertise on the Book of Revelation and resources available make him a leader in his field. 
His 22 audio lectures and 11 video lectures, available through his website, are great resources to learn from.
Go to http://www.shanejwood.com/the-book-of-revelation/ for lectures and resources.
Shane’s bio is located below.
Shane J. Wood completed his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and published his dissertation entitled: The Alter-Imperial Paradigm: Empire Studies & the Book of Revelation (BINTS 140; Leiden: Brill, 2016). In addition, Shane was named one of Christian Standard’s “40 Leaders Under 40” (July 2013) and also recognized by Theology Degrees Online as one of the “100 Remarkable Professors & Scholars Theology Students Should Know About.” Shane’s other publications include: Dragons, John, and Every Grain of Sand: Essays on the Book of Revelation (Joplin, MO: College, 2011) and “God’s Triumphal Procession: Re-examining the Release of Satan in the Light of Roman Imperial Imagery (Revelation 20:7-10)” in Currents in British Research on the Apocalypse (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2015).

Shane and his family are now living in Joplin, MO where he is Professor of New Testament Studies and the Director of the B.Th. New Testament Studies Program at Ozark Christian College.