July 2017

Flawed Hero: Flawed…but Faithful

Life can throw us curve balls, go off the rails, and seem to crash and burn. While this happens in life, it does not stop God’s faithfulness. God is always faithful in the middle of the fire!

Flawed Hero: Flawed…but Courageous

We can see obstacles as impossible or unattainable. When we latch into the power of God, courage bleeds out of us to accomplish the impossible. Just because we are not who the word expects does not mean we cannot live with courage.

Flawed Hero: Flawed…but Useful

We all have mistakes and moments we wish we could do over. Too many times we tell ourselves we are not good enough for God or useless in His Kingdom. The truth is our flaws remind us of our need for Jesus.

Gritty Faith: Faith For A Crown

There are times in life it would be easier to give up, throw our hands in the air and walk away from our faith. However, a final charge challenges us to hold on to our faith, be prepared to speak the truth and finish the race. Gritty faith trusts in a big God for the […]

Gritty Faith: A Fight For Faith

Faith often means we stand when the world stands against us. When the world falls apart, we don’t. We hold, we trust, we grind through and our gritty faith fights through.

June 2017

Gritty Faith: Learn The Truth

So often in life our faith sits still, doesn’t grow, and then disappears. Many times it is because we have never taken time to learn God’s word. We have nothing to hold onto and so it’s easy to walk away. Our gritty faith is developed in the words of God because God’s truth changes our […]

Gritty Faith: Called To Be Soldiers

Paul challenges Timothy to model the attributes of a soldier, an athlete, and a farmer. He calls Timothy to sacrifice, train, and remain patient as he preaches the truth about Jesus Christ. As we listen into the words of Paul, we find that we are challenged to be soldiers and not sitters by modeling these […]

Gritty Faith: A Life Of Faith

Gritty Faith is expressed in the way we live our faith. We are called to live our faith so that others can follow. 2 Timothy challenges us to live our faith through love and self control. Live your faith unashamed because Christ conquered death and gave you new life.

UnCommon Fellowship: Race

Race is at the forefront of culture and forgotten in the church. Racial reconciliation happens when the gospel becomes our focus. Beauty in the Kingdom is found in diversity of Sunday morning.

May 2017

UnCommon Fellowship: Hope

 Earth can steal our hope, yet hope is what sets the church apart! When the world ends, the church’s party begins. Because of a party in heaven we have hope, no matter what the Earth looks like.