May 2017

UnCommon Fellowship: Social Injustice

Sitting deep within the heart of God is the broken, oppressed, and poor. An uncommon fellowship puts their arm around “the least of these”, not a finger in their face. We become merciful as a reflection of a merciful God.

UnCommon Fellowship: Generations

Generations can be an obstacle that holds the church back or they can be a reason for celebration. Our call is to teach the who to the next generation, not the how.

UnCommon Fellowship: Forgiveness

Forgiveness opens doors in relationships that we have slammed shut. An uncommon fellowship forgives. That is what sets the church apart. We forgive because of how much we have been forgiven. Forgiveness releases the freedom of Christ to the least likely.

April 2017

UnCommon Fellowship: Denominations

Jesus prayed for unity, that the church would be one. What if in the church our goal was not to fight with other denominations, but to love? When biblical truth is compromised, we stand for the truth. When preferences are compromised, we stand behind the Cross.

UnCommon Fellowship: Love One Another

An uncommon group of people brought together by the message of Jesus. This group is known as the church. Made up of different ideas and opinions, this uncommon group is built on the foundation of love. Love becomes uncommon when love becomes unselfish.

Greater Than: Death (Easter)

 Death holds a lot of questions.  When Jesus walks out of a tomb, He proves He is greater than death!  Jesus looks at us and says, “I’m not done yet!”.  

Greater Than: Our Comfort

Comfort warps our urgency for Jesus. When we pursue comfort more than Jesus, we have lost our focus. Even in the uncomfortable, God is still at work.

Greater Than: Our Best

We try to solve our own struggles with what we are best at. We use our talents and gifts to create a life we want. However, what if God has something even better than our best? The best of our thinking only scratches the surface of what God is thinking.

March 2017

Greater Than: Our Inadequacies

Inadequacy cripples us from being who God designed us to be. However, when we feel we are not enough, He is more than enough.

Greater Than: Family Drama

Families can be messy, even Jesus’ family. However, even in the mess we have hope! Your family is a piece in God’s Kingdom.