July 2018

TIMELESS: Honor Thy Parents

God builds so much around the family. Found in the middle of the timeless principles of God is instruction to guide and shape every family no matter how old you are. We honor God when we honor our mom and dad. Exodus 20:12, Proverbs 6:20-22.

TIMELESS: No Other Gods

God doesn’t want to be just a part of your life. He wants to be everything to you. Exodus 20:1-6.  Guest Speaker: Kurt Smith  

June 2018

Summer By The Lake: Broken

https://youtu.be/G5S_gyTNNRgWe know our past and our broken moments. Because we know these moments, we rule ourselves out of service for Jesus. The difficulty is that Jesus doesn’t rule us out because of our brokenness. Because of Jesus, we don’t live in a state of brokenness, but a season of broken moments. Jesus offers us something […]

Summer By The Lake: Get Out Of The Boat

Sometimes God calls us to do the unimaginable. In those moments we can focus on the conditions around us or focus on Jesus. Jesus is the focus of our foundation and we will sink if we focus on anything else. Matthew 14:22-33, John 1:7.

Summer By The Lake: Weather The Storm

Incredible moments happen by the water; family memories, relaxing vacations and more. Too many times those moments are interrupted by fear. We can respond to that fear with faithfulness or fright. We all go through storms in life. Our storm has a name, but our storm bows to the name of Jesus! Matthew 8:23-27, Psalm […]

Summer By The Lake: Follow The Leader

https://youtu.be/bnS5XovZ-fwIt is problematic when our dreams become a reality. God is real and we need to wake up and follow Him and be fishers of men. Matthew 4:18-22.

May 2018

Get Over It – Look For The Better

The world looks different when we look for the best in people and not the worst. Forgiveness means that we see the best in people because of who we follow. The depth of our forgiveness reflects the depth of our faithfulness. Philemon 1:21-25, Philippians 2:8.

Get Over It – I’ll Cover The Tab

Covering someone’s tab or ticket is a gracious gesture at a restaurant. When Jesus covered our tab it was world changing. If we are going to be Jesus people, that means we are not gospel learners, we are gospel livers. Philemon 1:17-20, Romans 15:7.

Get Over It – Not Better Than

It is incredibly hard to forgive people when we are looking down at them. We are not better than the people that have hurt and wronged us, because we have hurt and wronged others. We need grace, so we give grace. Philemon 1:8-16

Get Over It – Live It Before You Expect It

Forgiveness is messy and really hard. We want it, but often don’t want to give it. If we are going to claim the grace of Jesus we have to live with forgiveness before we expect it. We become the most like God when we forgive. Philemon 1-7, Matthew 18:21-25.