Life groups provide relationships with other Christians.

Relationships are instrumental for spiritual growth.

Being involved in a Life Group connects you with people close to the same stage of life where you are at. Life groups provide a safe environment of people who can encourage, equip, listen and pray for you.

And you can do the same for them!

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Why Do You Do That? Why are you so generous? 

Do you call them hedge balls, hedge apples, osage oranges, or something else? 

Who is the most generous person you know?

Read Matthew 25:14-18

Does it seem unfair to you that the master gave a different amount of money to each of his servants? Why or why not?

Why do you think the third servant buried the money in the ground?

Read Matthew 25:19-21

If you could hear any words from God, what would you want to hear him say? 

What resource is the most difficult for you to use for God’s glory? Time? Talent? Money? Influence? 

How can you be generous and be faithful in your finances this week? 

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