Connections Minister
I grew up in Carthage, IL, a town about half the size of Macon. I’ve been studying Preaching Ministry at Central Christian College of the Bible for the last 4 years. In the summer of 2019, I spoke at a high school week of camp at Shelby County Christian Assembly. It was there that my connection to the team at Crossroads began to develop. 
I followed a bible college stereotype and got married super young and probably quite a bit quicker than most people do. But my wife, Roni, is one of the sweetest, most sensitive, and caring people in the world. So, my only regret about our marriage is that it didn’t start soon enough! We don’t have any children,  but Roni comes from a large family with 8 kids… And if that influences how many kids she wants, pray for me. 
One of my favorite things about serving at Crossroads is watching people go through the whole process from a first-time attendee to a fully engaged member. I’ve written cards to visitors who are now attending weekly, involved in a Life Group, and serving with the Kids Ministry or Worship Team. It’s so exciting to see God working in people’s lives and reordering their priorities. 
Grants All-Time Favorites:
Favorite Foods: Tacos, Krispy Kreme donuts, and coconut creme pie
Favorite Sports: football, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and racquetball
Favorite Team: Chicago Bears
Extra Favorties: geography, preaching, and the bible