History of Crossroads Christian Church

A group of interested Christians with a desire to form a New Testament Christian Church, non-denominational, in Macon, Missouri, met on July 13, 1972.

The first financial commitment from outside the group of organizers was a pledge of $25 per month from the Westside Christian Church (now Forum Boulevard Christian Church) of Columbia.  Generous financial support was pledged by the Northeast Missouri Area Men’s Fellowship, many area churches and interested individuals.  By September 19, 1972, $1,050 per month had been pledged.

Macon Christian Church (Non-denominational) was the name decided upon for the new church and the Walls Building at 1411 North Jackson was leased to be used as a meeting place.

Charles Embree consented to preach during the Sunday morning services and Central Christian College was to supply a preacher for evening services until a full-time minister could be secured.

Sunday, October 8, 1972, will go down in our church  history as being a great day for the Macon Christian Church as 78 persons met at the Walls Building for their first public worship service.

Robert Fry, moving from Milan to Macon in November, 1972.

A Missions Committee was formed to study the needs of our Christian Missionaries.

The first Faith Promise Rally to inspire Christian Stewardship was held March 16-18, 1973.

The Faith Promise Goal for the 12 month total budget of the Church was set at $16,000.00.  This goal was exceeded as promises of $18,388.00 came in.

In March of 1973 the congregation purchased a 3.55 acre tract of land located Northeast of Highway 63 and New Highway 36 Junction for a building site for a house of worship.

The first Vacation Bible School conducted by the Church was a 4-day school from May 29 through June 1, 1973.

November 3, 1974, was another great day in the life of this congregation as it marked the first worship service in the new auditorium.  A new attendance record was set with 178 in morning worship and 94 in evening services.  It was also on this day that the first Elders and Deacons were elected.

On March 17, 1974, the Crossroads Congregation called J. Cook, to serve as Youth Minister.

In May of 1975, the congregation voted to pursue a bus ministry and a bus fund was established.  This became a reality as on December 7, 1975, the bus made it’s first run with 21 children riding.  In the year 1975 the congregation increased almost 1/3 as the membership increased to 185.  By the end of the year the congregation became “self-supporting”, just a little over three years from it’s beginning.

In August, 1976, under the leadership of Bro. J. Cook, the Junior Worship Service had it’s beginning.  This was for the youth of the congregation and was held in the basement simultaneously with the adult service in the auditorium.

The first addition to the original building of the Crossroads Christian Church began with ground breaking on August 17, 1986.  A 960 sq. ft. Addition was constructed on the East side of the church building.  This provided additional room for office space for the senior minister, youth minister and the church secretary and also a handicap ramp.  It made available more space for classrooms in the main building.  The approximate cost for this up-date was $14,000.

As a need for further expansion to the 1986 addition and a remodeling of the original building, the congregation voted in the affirmative and the ground breaking took place on May 24, 1992.

In May, 1994, two acres of land which included existing buildings and joining the church property on the East were purchased for $72,500.  The current debt on this property is approximately $46,000.  Remodeling and expansions were done to the buildings from May, 1994, thru 1999.  A new building was constructed in 1991 – 2001. These improvements were made with donations.  An additional two acres East of the Tri-County Christian School and approximately one acre North of the church building were purchased in November, 2000, for $30,000.  Tri-County Christian School occupies these grounds and buildings since opening in the fall of 1994.
In 2008 Crossroads began to see a steady growth in attendance. Crossroads experienced continual growth for the next couple of years. In 2011 Crossroads began dreaming and planning of expanding the building to create more ministry space. This building broke ground in December of 2014. The competition of this addition is estimated at March of 2016.