Justin Miller
(636) 373-0570
Justin Miller
Associate Minister of Students

When did you come to Crossroads? January 2012

If you were to describe your responsibilities at Crossroads in one sentence, what would it be?
I work with some amazing adult leaders to help our 6-12th grade students and their families know and follow Jesus throughout their teenage years and into adulthood.

What is your favorite TV Series? The Walking Dead

What is one book that has recently impacted you? No More Dragons by Jim Burgen
What was your first job? Mowing yards throughout the neighborhood and collecting aluminum cans
Favorite Food? There are a lot of great options on this one, but I will always love a good bowl of cereal
Sports teams allegiance? St. Louis Blues, Cardinals, Rams and the KC Chiefs (In that order)
What College did you attend? St.Louis Christian College
Who lives in your house? My wife Ericka, son Julian, daughter Haddie
What are you listening to right now? Andy Mineo – Uncomfortable
What is your favorite thing about Crossroads? I love the community and feeling of family at Crossroads. From the first day we came and visited, it has felt like home.