Current sermon Series: Jonah

LifeGroup Questions

Week 4: Forgetting the Mission


When you were a kid or teenager, how did you express your anger or react when you didn’t get your way?

When it is really hot out, what is your favorite way to cool off and get out of the heat?

Read Jonah 4

In Chapter 4 we see really quickly that Jonah is angry.  Why is he angry? Who is he angry with?  Do you think Jonah really wanted to die in this moment?

Has there ever been a time where you felt angry towards God, what happened to make you feel that way?

How comfortable are you telling God you are angry? Why is this important?  What happens when we hold onto our anger?

Matt challenged us with the realization that “we tend to try to make the mission of God, the mission of us”.  Jonah was upset because he wanted to control the outcome rather than allowing God to be in control.  What areas of your life is it difficult to give up control to God?

Read verses 6-8 again.  What three things does God provide Jonah?  What do the vine, worm, and hot son reveal about God?  What lesson was God trying to teach Jonah?

God uses this plant to show Jonah that he is more concerned about a plant than he is about the 120,000 people in Ninevah.  Jonah is angry at the forgiveness God has shown these people that Jonah felt were undeserving.

Like Jonah, we all want to receive forgiveness, but we are not always willing to give forgiveness.  Who in your life have you been unwilling to forgive?  How could you benefit from forgiving that person?  How do you feel knowing that God has forgiven them already?

God’s response to Jonah reminds us that our life is not about us.  God’s love and mercy extends to everyone, not just who we want it reach.  What do you think God meant when he said the Ninevites couldn’t tell their left hand from their right?

If we are going to live out God’s mission and not our own, we have to be people who live out that mission to the people around us no matter who they are or what they’ve done.  Matt challenged us to think about our role in God’s mission.

What part do we play in God’s mission? Who are you discipling? Who are you investing in? Who are you leading to Jesus?

Jonah’s story ends pretty abruptly.  We don’t know what happens next.  If you were Jonah, how would want the story to end?