Current sermon Series: oNE
This week we continue our conversation on Jesus prayer for Unity in John 17.  This week we looked at Jesus prayer for his disciples “to be one as He and the Father are one.”  As Jesus followers, its important for us to stay united, and to remember our truth of the week, “In the kingdom, what unites us is always greater than what divides us”

Who do you find yourself praying for the most?  What do you pray for them?

In this passage, Jesus is on his way to the cross and takes time to stop and pray for his disciples.

Read John 17:6-19 together

Jesus prays and reminds the disciples that before they were his disciples, they belonged to God.  Why do you think Jesus makes it a point to remind them of this truth?

In verse 11, Jesus prayed that the disciples would be one as Jesus and God are one. 

How are God and Jesus united?  What does it look like for the church to be united in this way?

What ways have you seen Satan try to divide the Church? How do we prevent this from happening?

Our truth this week was “In the kingdom, what unites us is greater than what divides us.  What is it that unites us?

What makes it so easy for us to get distracted and to focus on what divides rather than Jesus who unites us together?

Matt posed the thought to us, “Imagine a world where people were skeptical of what we believed but envious of how we treated one another.”  What would this look like?  How do we make it happen?

Jesus reminds his disciples that they are not of this world, just as he is not of this world.  What does it mean for us to not be of this world?

What can we do to make sure we stay united together as a small group?  As a church?