Current sermon Series: I Didn’t Say that
This week we continued in our series “It wasn’t me”.Each week we are looking at different saying or misquotes that are often attributed to God in the Bible but in fact, He never said. This week Matt looked at the phrase “Ask Jesus into your heart”.  We focused on the reality that our hope of heaven should not be based on a single moment of decision, but on a life of living for Jesus.  Our truth this week was that “Religious positioning without a posture of surrender will never get us to Jesus”.

When did you decide to follow Jesus?  What did that look like?

Read Romans 6:3-4 together

Paul talks about living a new life in Jesus, How has your life changed since deciding to give your life to Jesus.

In his sermon, Matt talked about there being a difference between believing in Jesus as our Savior and believing in Jesus as our Lord.

What does it mean for Jesus to be our Savior?

What does it mean for Jesus to be our Lord?

So many times, we want to Jesus to save us from Hell, but we hesitate to make him the Lord and the leader of our life.  In his sermon, Matt said, “we have become so focused on the moment of salvation that we downplay the postures of repentance and faith in everyday life.”

Making Jesus our Lord means that we have to surrender all aspects of our lives to Him. What does it look like to fully surrender our lives to Jesus?

What area of our lives is it hardest for us to give up control and surrender to Jesus?

What can we surrender this week to get closer to Jesus?