November 2020

Don’t Give Up: On God

“Don’t Give Up: On God” from Don’t Give Up! by Justin Miller. Released: 2020. Track 1.

December 2019

Christmas Coming Soon: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Today we learn from one of our favorite Christmas movies that even if everything goes wrong and our plans fail, God is still working in our lives. When we remember who we are and who we belong to, we can experience the blessings God has for us. Matthew 5:1-5, Ephesians 3:14-20.

August 2019

NYR Momentum 2019

Our high school students share stories and lessons they learned on our trip to NYR in Colorado this summer.

May 2019

My Messed Up Family: Next Generation

The teenage years can be messy and the transition from high school to what’s next can be a difficult one. It’s during this time where a growing number of students are graduating and walking away from the church. How do we help prepare the generation for what’s next, so that they don’t lose their faith […]

July 2018

CIY MOVE “Contrast”

High school students shared what it looks like to live a life of contrast and lessons they learned while at CIY this year.

November 2017


Satan is waging war, but if we stay faithful to Jesus, we win. Revelation 12:1-6, Revelation 12:7-17, Revelation 13:7-18, Revelation 14:1.

August 2017

NYR 2017 Immeasurable

“NYR 2017 Immeasurable” from NYR 2017 by Justin Miler and Students. Love. Power. Pursuit. Call. Today our high school students share stories and lessons they learned from our week at NYR this summer.