April 2020

Jesus, Why? – Why Does This Still Matter?

Why does the message of Easter still matter today? Why do we still celebrate what Jesus did 2000 years later? The fact that Jesus walked out of a tomb, still changes us today. It redefines our futures. In Jesus, freedom always defines tomorrow! Luke 24:45-49.

Jesus, Why? – Why Do You Love Me?

It’s hard to understand why Jesus could possibly love us. We know how screwed up we are and we know how screwed up the world is around us, but because of some incredible reason, Jesus still chose to love us. It is because His love was built on Him, not us. Luke 23:32-43.

March 2020

Jesus, Why? – Why Do I Give?

Our relationships should always point toward Heaven. Especially our relationship with money. God has given us money as a blessing to impact the world and His kingdom. It is a tool that is entrusted to us to lead people closer to Jesus.Why do we give? Because it makes us more like God. Giving is a […]

Jesus, Why? – Why Should I Follow Jesus?

We all have questions about Jesus. One of the biggest is why we should follow Him. Especially when we see what it costs us in this world. But we can’t look at the cost without recognizing the reward. The reward that Jesus brings to our lives reaches into eternity. We follow Jesus because of the […]

Jesus, Why? – Why Me?

Why me? It’s a question we have all wrestled with at one point. Why me comes from a place of feeling inadequate and that we can’t possibly matter to God. But God finds us in His love for all people. He is for us and gives hope to us all, even when it doesn’t make […]

Jesus, Why? – Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? At some point, we’ve probably all wondered what our purpose is in this life. As followers of Jesus, Christ’s purpose impacts our purpose. In Luke 4, we discover that Jesus came to set people free and, therefore, part of our purpose is to point people to Him so they can experience […]