December 2019

Why Do You Do That? – Sooo Generous!

Why are older generations so generous and why should we be more like them? Studying a parable that Jesus tells in Matthew 25, we discover that our finances reflect our faithfulness. Older generations are often generous because they understand that God calls us to glorify Him with what we’ve been given. Being motivated by the […]

Why Do You Do That? – Put up with us?

The mission of Jesus requires generations to care for one another. We all have a place and purpose, but it requires a focus on Jesus. The mission of Jesus requires a partnership of obedience and motion. John 6:5-15.

November 2019

Why Do You Do That? – Stay Married So Long!

Marriage can be difficult at times. It takes constant work, perseverance and compassion. Marriage is not something to be one, but rather a gift to gift each day. In the wisdom of those in the older generation there is a secret sauce to marriage…communication. Humility is the foundation of communication. 1 Peter 3:8-12.

Why Do You Do That? – Pray so Hard!

The topic of prayer can be confusing. We can over complicate it or make excuses to not do it. When we remember that prayer is a conversation with a friend, that we don’t have to have the perfect words in order to talk, prayer becomes easier. We can tell Him what we are worried about […]

Why Do You Do That? – Go to church EVERY week?

Why do we come to church EVERY week? Life is busy, I am tired, I can catch up online are all phrases that are getting said more and more. However, the unique community that is found in the church is the feast of faithfulness. Hebrews 10:19-25.

Why Do You Do That? – The Respect of Generations

If you look around you it’s not hard to see how each generation is different. Communications, routines, technology shifts with every generation. What if instead of looking at all of the differences of the generations, we looked at the value of people in each generations? We have a commitment as Jesus people to find value […]