September 2019

The Problem of God: God’s Existence

To connect with Jesus requires us to wrestle with tough questions of life. When we wrestle with tough questions, it brings strength and confidence in the foundation of our faith. God’s existence brings value to our reality. Romans 1:19-21, Romans 2:14-15.

SHOES: Wingtips

Sometimes the comfortable is not where Jesus designed us to be. Jesus steps into the comfortable of life to draw us closer to Him. Jesus doesn’t want our _____, He wants our hearts. Luke 18:18-30.

August 2019

SHOES: Stilettos

Life can get messy. Our life becomes filled with guilt, shame and regret, and we try to fix ourselves. This leaves us feeling empty and broken. There is only one way to get rid of that mess…Jesus. Our mess is only made clean through Jesus.

SHOES: Boots

What effect does the authority of Jesus have on our life? Are we trying to prove our worth for Jesus of trusting in His power? Faith in Jesus leads to surrender of self. Luke 7:1-10, Matthew 28:18-20.

Shoes: Sandals

Studying the life of John the Baptist. While walking in his Sandals of Humility, we learn how to be more like Christ. Walk Humbly. Luke 3:3, Luke 1:41-44, Matthew 3:13-14, Luke 3:16, Luke 3:30.

NYR Momentum 2019

Our high school students share stories and lessons they learned on our trip to NYR in Colorado this summer.

July 2019

The Kingdom: Remember

“The Kingdom: Remember” from The Kingdom by Rocky Christensen. Released: 2019. Track 4.

The Kingdom: Can You Feel The Love Tonight

“The Kingdom: Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Kingdom by Matt Stieger. Released: 2019. Track 3.

The Kingdom: Hakuna Mutata

Hakuna Matata really is a wonderful phrase, but it’s hard to live out. Worry gets us all at one time or another. When worry sets in we forget about the size of the God we follow because our problem seems so big. Worry is the broken version of us. Our worry ends when our worship […]

The Kingdom: Be Prepared

We are in the middle of the ultimate battle of life. Satan is constantly on the move trying to distract, destroy and derail us. While Satan wants to destroy, Jesus wants to give us life. In the middle of this battle, what are we armed with? Are we able to stand against the temptations of […]