January 2016

Rise Up – Jan 31, 2016

When God asks us to RISE UP to the impossible, he does not expect us to do it alone. When he gives us an ache, he does not expect action without his attributes.

Life On Mission – Jan 24, 2016

Love that has limits misses Jesus. Too often we choose when to love others in life instead of living a life of love. 01/24/2016

Life On Mission – Jan 17, 2016

Our community does not take notice of how much we know about God. They don’t care about the bible verses we can recite. Loving people the way Jesus did means a life of being constantly misunderstood.

Life On Mission – Jan 10, 2016

To connect people to Jesus, we have to go to the people. That requires us to interact with people who are different. Interaction in life encourages introductions to the Kingdom.

Life On Mission – Jan 3, 2016

Crossroads is a church that connects people to Jesus and loves its community.