Crossroads is a church that…
“Connects People to Jesus and Loves our Community”


Undoubtedly Jesus desires for everyone to find a place in his church, because he extends his grace to everyone. We will love indiscriminately. We believe that everyone, no matter your past, no matter your struggle, no matter what you look like or where you live, you have a place here. You will be welcomed and loved.
The family unit, no matter the size, has great power in God’s Kingdom. We believe that for the family to make the biggest difference, they must work and grow together. We want to encourage healthy marriages, equip parents to be healthy parents, and train dads to be leaders in the home. We desire to create environments where families collaborate together to move towards Jesus.
Every person has a step to take in their relationship toward Jesus. It doesn’t matter how young or old. We always have a step to take to grow closer to him. For some it’s surrender.
For some, it’s service. For others, it’s someplace in between.
We are called to make the move.
Jesus changes lives when people who know Jesus go and love others. When you know Jesus, you have a responsibility to go find someone else and introduce them to Jesus. It is the responsibility of the church to go and love the people around them.