Crossroads Life Groups are a huge aspect of who we are as a church.  We believe that some of the best conversations about our relationship with Jesus can happen while sitting on a couch enjoying friendships.  If you can not find a group or are not sure where to jump in, we’d love to help you!  Life groups provide relationships with other Christians.  Relationships are instrumental for spiritual growth. 
Being involved in a life group connects you with people close to the same stage of life where you are.  Life Groups provide a safe environment of people who encourage, equip, listen and pray for you.  And you can do the same for them!
Our groups exist to encourage spiritual and relational growth.  We believe church is more important than just a weekend service, and that people grow best when they’re in community with others.
Current sermon Series: Messy Grace: 

LifeGroup Questions

Messy Grace: Identity


1. What have you learned so far this series? What has challenged you?

Watch Video 4 of the Messy Grace Series: Identity

2. Over the last couple of weeks, we have heard a few different people sharing their stories.  How has listening to the stories in this series changed your views of the LGBT community?

3. (From the video) How were Carly and Margarets stories similar? How were they different?

Read Galatians 2:19-20

4. Up until his decision to follow Jesus, Paul’s identity was found in being a Jew.  How does Paul suggest in verse 19 that he is leaving his old identity to find his new identity in Jesus?

5. What main points does Paul make about a Christian identity in Christ in verse 20?

Read Matthew 16:24

6. How does this verse support and shed more light on how Galatians 2:20 is lived out?

7. In Galatians, Paul points out that in order to live like Jesus, we must die to ourselves.  What things must die in your life in order to have more grace for those who are different from you?

8. In the video, Sam says that having our identity in Jesus is healthier and more liberating.  Why is it better to find our identity in Jesus than anything else?

Read John 13:34-35

9.  In these verses Jesus declares that the greatest proof of being his follower is the way we love.  Unfortunately man times we can misread “one another” to mean those who support or own positions-people like us.  How can we show grace and truth in a way that communicates to all people how Christ has loved us?

10.  Why do you think Jesus chose love to be our greatest badge to being one of his followers?

11.  In the video Caleb says, “God loves messy people and so should we.”  What does it look like to love all people with grace and truth?  Why is this important?