LifeGroups provide relationships with other Christians. 
Relationships are instrumental for spiritual growth. 
Being involved in a LifeGroup connects you with people close to the same stage of life where you are at. LifeGroups provide a safe environment of people who can encourage, equip, listen and pray for you. 
And you can do the same for them!


My Messed Up Family- Forgiveness
May 12th
When is a time in your life that you did not expect to receive forgiveness but did? How did you feel at that moment?
Why is forgiveness so important in family life?
Why does it hurt more when someone close to you hurt you?  
Have you ever stood in Peter’s shoes and hurt someone in your family that you never thought you would? What led to it? How did you move past it?
What is Jesus asking Peter to do? How does this demonstrate forgiveness from Peters denial?
Do you agree or disagree with the statement “Trust is the proof of forgiveness”? Why?
While Jesus hands forgiveness to Peter, Peter also has to forgive himself. Is it harder to forgive someone else or forgive yourself?
Peter understands on a deeper level that forgiveness leads to joy. How have you seen the following segment played out in your forgiveness? 
      “If we just carry our mistakes from the past, we can never pick up the joy of the future.”
What would look different in your life if you chose joy over grudges?