Crossroads Life Groups are a vital aspect of who we are as a church. We believe that some of the best conversations about our relationship with Jesus can happen while sitting on a couch enjoying friendships. If you can not find a group or are not sure where to jump in, we would love to help you! All of our LifeGroups follow a sermon based discussion. Questions and follow up study are provided for everyone based off of the topic of Sunday morning. If you miss Sunday, don’t worry about it, the questions will not leave you feeling left out. You can find weekly questions on our website, church app or on the bulletin at church.


Some Assembly Required: The Picture Looks Good

1. What is the best combination or duo in the world? (Examples: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Batman and Robin, Macaroni and Cheese) 


Read Ephesians 5:31-32

2. Paul mentions that a man and woman are to be unified in marriage and become one beautiful creation…. Just like Macaroni and Cheese! But then he says that marriage is like “Christ and the Church”. How is marriage anything like “Christ and the church”? 


3. What do you think causes division in marriage?


4. What ideas and misconceptions about marriage are we given by media and culture?


5. Have you had any positive examples of marriage in your life? (Examples: Parents, Aunt & Uncle, Family Friends)


6. Married and unmarried people are both made in the image of God and called to reflect His character and nature. One way we reflect God’s character is by loving people unconditionally. Who do you find it easiest to love? (Examples: Spouse, Children, Grandchildren, Friend)


7. Is there anyone who you struggle to love unconditionally? (Don’t say anyone’s name!)


8. We can also reflect God’s character in the way we forgive. Have you ever held a grudge? Is there anyone you need to forgive tonight? 


9. If people loved their spouses unconditionally, how would it change the church and the world?