October 2020

Jonah: The Mission Is Greater Than Me

The mission is always greater than me. Jonah 4.

Jonah: Compassion

“Jonah: Compassion” from Jonah by Matt Stieger. At the center of God’s mission is always compassion. Jonah 3.

Jonah: God Has Given Us A Mission

“Jonah: God Has Given Us A Mission” from Jonah by Matt Stieger. Released: 2020. Track 2. To see a God size mission, we have to accept a God size salvation.

Jonah: God’s Mercy

“Jonah: Week 1” from Jonah by Matt Stieger. Released: 2020. Track 1. The Mission of God is always about the mercy of God.

September 2020

Messy Grace: Influence

“Messy Grace: Influence” from Messy Grace by Caleb Kaltenbach. Released: 2020. Track 3.

Messy Grace: Our Identity and Design

Who we are can get lost in in the complexity of life. We can begin to define who we are from what we do, talents we have or even our sexuality. There are many things in life that feel good and are enjoyable, but not meant to define us. Our identity and design is only […]

Messy Grace: Love Like Jesus

There is not a place in our culture where grace and truth collide than in the definition of human sexuality. How the church treats and responds to the LGBT community displays the love of Jesus more than our words ever will. It’s not easy to stand in the tension of grace and truth, but it […]

Redeem The Screen: Hurtful People

Difference in the kingdom of Jesus is beautiful. Division is ugly. To eliminate division we have to humble ourselves and take on the character of Jesus for those who are different, disagree, and do evil against us. Jesus calls His disciples to a kingdom of non-retaliation. We love because of how Jesus loves us. Our […]

August 2020

Redeem The Screen: Constant and Consistent

Why should we choose to use the gifts God gives us? What’s the point? Love is the foundation of what God does in our lives. For others to see how God is transforming our lives, love must be in every area of our life. Love must be constant and consistent for others to see Christ. […]

Redeem The Screen: Design

As Jesus people when we live just trying to fit into the world, we miss God’s unique design for each of us. We are not designed to be like everyone else. Comparison tarnishes God’s design in us, while the Cross restores us.