October 2019

Party People: House Party

Good news and great joy is the character of Jesus. When we live as Jesus people we should live with great joy no matter the circumstances. We are called to go and invite those who are far from the party to come to the party. Luke 2:10, Luke 5:27-32, Luke 14:15-24.

Party People: Where the Party Began

“Christians are dull and boring. Church is no fun”. Phrases we hear that don’t find root in the God of the Bible. God is a party host, a celebration junkie. The church should be the most joy filled place on earth as we prepare for Heaven. Celebration is the language of Heaven! Leviticus 23:1-44, Nehemiah […]

September 2019

The Problem of God: The Problem of Exclusivity

Hearing that Jesus is the only way is confrontational and polarizing, but how would it change life if it is true? The exclusive truth of Jesus is an invitation for everyone. John 14:5-6, Acts 4:12, 1 Corinthians 1:23.

The Problem of God: Hypocrisy

“The church is full of hypocrites!” It’s a phrase we hear too often in the world and a problem that keeps people away from God. How do we change this perceived problem of Jesus and His church? Recognizing that we cannot behave our way to Jesus is a good place to start. The existence of […]

The Problem of God: Pain and Suffering

Evil and suffering can be the biggest hurdle or question in us believing in God. We are left feeling alone in our heartache because we blame God. Could it be that God is not to blame, but very present with us? God’s existence brings community to our suffering. Ecclesiastes 3:11, Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:18.

The Problem of God: God’s Existence

To connect with Jesus requires us to wrestle with tough questions of life. When we wrestle with tough questions, it brings strength and confidence in the foundation of our faith. God’s existence brings value to our reality. Romans 1:19-21, Romans 2:14-15.

SHOES: Wingtips

Sometimes the comfortable is not where Jesus designed us to be. Jesus steps into the comfortable of life to draw us closer to Him. Jesus doesn’t want our _____, He wants our hearts. Luke 18:18-30.

August 2019

SHOES: Stilettos

Life can get messy. Our life becomes filled with guilt, shame and regret, and we try to fix ourselves. This leaves us feeling empty and broken. There is only one way to get rid of that mess…Jesus. Our mess is only made clean through Jesus.

SHOES: Boots

What effect does the authority of Jesus have on our life? Are we trying to prove our worth for Jesus of trusting in His power? Faith in Jesus leads to surrender of self. Luke 7:1-10, Matthew 28:18-20.

Shoes: Sandals

Studying the life of John the Baptist. While walking in his Sandals of Humility, we learn how to be more like Christ. Walk Humbly. Luke 3:3, Luke 1:41-44, Matthew 3:13-14, Luke 3:16, Luke 3:30.