August 2020

Rhythm: Rest

Tired? Exhausted? Worn out? Chances are we are missing the rhythm of rest. Rest has been the design of God since the very beginning, but many times is last on our list. The rhythm of rest is the antidote for our ragged soul. Matthew 11:28-30, Matthew 12:1-14.

Rhythm: Generosity

The rhythm that Jesus lived with the greatest detail is giving. Living in such a way that everything we have is His, is a distinct characteristic of a Jesus follower. It’s not about the value, but the willingness to let go. Generosity is the rhythm of getting God’s resources where God wants them to go. […]

July 2020

Rhythm: Fasting

In a world that says consume more, the rhythm of fasting seems like a foreign language. Fasting is the sacrificing of what is common, to connect with God in an uncommon way. We see this rhythm embodied by Jesus as He desired to know more of His Father. As we practice this rhythm in our […]

Rhythm: God’s Word

Rhythms are unique nuances of life that create who we are. As Jesus people, our rhythms should be built around Jesus. When we look at His life, we find that Jesus had rhythms that kept Him focused on the Father. This first for Him and us is to build our lives on scripture. If God’s […]