February 2020

Rooted Renegades: Jump Out of the Boat

There are plenty of distractions in life. We don’t need one more thing to do, think about or be afraid of. In the middle of all of the distractions in this world, there is only one direction that matters – Living life where our faith collided with God’s power. Jesus is the direction in the […]

January 2020

Rooted Renegades: Give the Bottle

We love to get gifts, but sharing our gifts is a little bit difficult. In a world that focuses on money, we don’t like to talk about it in the church, probably because we need to the most. We give out of cheerful gratitude because of what Jesus has given to us. Giving is the […]

Rooted Renegades: Break the Chain

Part of following Jesus is stepping into the difficult places of life and allowing God to work. One of those places that the church has unfortunately done the worst at is mental health. The battle that rages in our mind is a tool Satan uses to distract us from God. We have convinced ourselves we […]

Rooted Renegades: Wreck the Roof

To follow Jesus it means we get close enough to Him to see change and find life. Not just for ourselves, but to get others to Him as well. Sometimes this requires us to do the uncomfortable and inconvenient. We have been called to live relentlessly and passionately to get anyone and everyone to Jesus, […]

Rooted Renegades: Climb The Tree

The mission of Jesus is not one of safety and comfort. It calls us to take risk, give up and follow. To live in the mission of Jesus requires us to see Jesus clearly. Shame is transformed to hope when looking at Jesus. Luke 19:1-10, Romans 1:20.